Mami Cat

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Mami Cat (died c. April 2022) was a notable Dutchess in Pantonia and widley loved cat. She mostly lived in Veggieland and Floragon.



Mami Cat Floragon.jpeg
Mami cat sitting upright on a wall on the Floragon terrace.
Diedc. April 2022
Cause of deathHeart attack, organ faliure, or strangled by old dutch woman
Resting placeNorthern Veggieland


Mami Cat was discovered dead in early 2022 by an old dutch woman. Many suspicion has aroused that she murdered her, because it was known that the dutch woman hated her, and also because of the odd story she presented, that the cat was found dangling in between her half open window. While the cat could have been trying to jump through and got stuck, its organs could have been squished, or died of a heart attack from the fright of getting stuck, but its probably quite unlikely; today, she lies in Northern Veggieland.

Personal Life

Mami cat had one daughter, Mimi, who is considered a Princess in Pantonia. Mami cat loved to hang around Floragon and Veggieland, and would sometimes go to Yutheria and Gildia. Mami sometimes hunted, mice and hares.